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Better than I thought it would be. I look forward to this every day.


This app really helps to center my spirit and calm my nerves when I’m having a difficult day.

Very relaxing

Skeptical at first. I was feeling so stressed and couldn’t sleep, I downloaded this app. One session helped me feel so relaxed and tension free. Constantly using it for bed time 🙌🏼

Very good

The stories are nice


Reminds me of the positive things in my life and allows me to grow as a person. Highly recommend this app!

It causes the body to really relax

I’ve been using this app for only a day, but it has really helped me to let go of the anxiety and stress I constantly feel. It is definitely worth it.

Beware SCAM!!! DO NOT download!!!

I just downloaded and it automatically subscribed me to heaven knows what for $79 !!!


Amazing really helps makes everything better definitely love it .

Great App

This really helps me when I’m having rough days. I wholeheartedly recommend.


Good app

Glad I found Aura!!

I love the calmness in the voices, very nice to use throughout the day to regain focus.

Kearsten N.

With the stress of life catching up to me, my life has been very hectic. Before I go to sleep I say how I am feeling and the app gives me a meditation that corresponds to how I am feeling. It helps every time. I give this app a 12/10.


I don’t like how it restricts you and makes you buy the subscription


I love my aura app!

I like this app



I love how everything is perfect


The stressed one really helps haven’t done the others yet!


Really helps. Find it beneficial. Love it


Good app

The moment that counts!

It helps me feel better about myself, I use it early in the morning it helps me relax and feel refreshed.


love it!

Very good

I love this app so much!. Makes me feel so much better!

absolutely love it!!

i’m in love with how peaceful the aura app makes me feel.

I feel stress free

I feel very stress freee


Aura is a phenomenal app! It gets you to take time out of your day to just relax and clear your mind. Get rid of the stress, take some meditating breathes, and listen to some calm rhythms. I used to get panic attack everyday, but this app has helped me control it better. If you deal with a lost of stress in your life I recommend this app.


It really calms me down!

Its good


Not sure how to rate this app

I accidentally purchased the annual subscription. I decided to get my money’s worth. However, every time I attempt to, the pop up screen telling me about the free trial pops up. If I click it, I’m told I already have the subscription. I go round and round. I only have the option for the 3 min meditations. One time, a 30 min one popped up but I didn’t have the time to enjoy it. Then I couldn’t find it. Ugh! I have never spent this much for an app or subscription. I would sure like to utilize it.

Anxiety relief

I’ve read good things about this app and decided to try it when I felt an anxiety attack coming on. I have been getting them persistently and extreme. I used to for about 20 minutes and my anxiety subsided to a level that I didn’t want to jump out of my skin. I get daily anxiety attacks to the extreme and I am hoping this will alleviate some of the more scary symptoms.

Amazing! So Calming 😌

I fell in love with this app instantly. 3 minutes out of your day to escape the real world problems. Centering yourself with the Universe, calming your mind, body, and soul, relaxation to the max and so on. This app is awesome sauce!

Very Helpful

Very calming, relaxing and helpful! I really enjoy the exercises. I always feel better afterward even if I was okay before. But especially when I’m feeling sad or anxious, I feel way better afterward.

Aura App

Great app! Easy to use and satisfying videos

Love life

This puts me to sleep




I need this as my daily routine, it brings me at peace before work, and tranquility throughout the day. .. if I feel any way, I come back and listen to more. To bring my peace and tranquillity back. .. I love it!

Good so far

I like this app. It's good for beginners like me.


I’m a very negative person. So I’m trying to change that. I love the reminders. Yes, sometimes I ignore them. But so far it’s a great app! I’m considering the paid version. Waiting for a good habit to form, so I don’t waste money.

Help me relax

Well it’s hard for me to focus with out my mind racing ! Usually I have to go to a massage place to unwind but I downloaded this Aura app and it was amazing it takes a lot to relax me and this app has it Thank You Aura ! XOXO ! Dinaangel

I give it a 5 star because

I’ve been using it these past three days and I really enjoy the lessons it feels affective and I will continue to try this everyday it helps me focus on things I do this when I feel stressed or sad mostly when I need it I also try to do this before I sleep

Simple and quick relaxation

Sometimes one can spend more times reading about worrying news or playing silly games neglecting one’s mental health and overall well being, don’t go another day without Aura



amazing app.

this app really does help. this app is amazing. I recommend it.

Great app

As most people trying to find time is the main problem. However, this app makes puts it in the palm of your hand. Will keep striving to open this app once a day.

It really works on your soul !

When I say it really works, it brings peace to your soul.

Great app!

Love the prompts to check in with feelings and to then engage in mini meditations throughout the day.


Pretty dope


i love it so much. i can’t explain💛🌻

Decent enough

It’s decent enough and a good short and easy way to be mentally healthier. But there is almost NOTHIng to do unless you buy it for 59$/year, too pricy for me. Overall good:)

Love this app!

Has really helped me with techniques and breathing to settle myself before sleep or during anxious times.


Amazing, it really calms me down. try it!

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