Aura: Mindfulness & Meditation App Reviews

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Aura gave me a peace of mind. Thank you.

This app is amazing!!!

Everyone should get it

Loved it.

It’s a amazing app!! It’s my first time using it! I’ve heard so much wonderful things about this app. I couldn’t agree until I used the product. It’s relieving , very well.


Makes you think and really have a deeper perspective on life and what goes on around you

Enjoy this app so far

Good stuff

Amazing app

Amazing app really helpful to fall asleep within 3 min and great way to start mornings off , instead of listening to rap lol


It is a great meditation app that is flexible to your needs

Free app

It’s the best free meditating app I’ve tied. I hate it when they give you a trial and then you can’t use the apps at all anymore. This one has a premium option but it’s not obligatory. It helps me start my day in an amazing, peaceful way. I love it.



Great Meditation App

I’ve tried other ways of dealing with stress before, but this way certainly has produced the best results so far! I would recommend it highly to everyone!

Perfect substitute for yoga

I enjoy yoga when I can. This app provides the same great focus and calmness that my practices do. I recommend it to everyone.

Great app

Great mindfulness content

Makes me stay positive

Helps me alot to i use it everyday my mindset is so firm thanks to it


it’s great!! especially when you have bad sleeping habits and hours


It has helped me so much! It’s so amazing❤️


I use it to relax before bed. It’s also nice to hear a story mid-day when you need to hit pause and remember what you should be doing with your focus.


I love this app so much!! I’ve only had Aura for a few days, but it has helped me with my anxiety and stress so much!! I talk to God about my problems, but it’s also nice to just let them go.


Little pricey but good

Relaxing and Helpful in life

I love the meditations and everything about this app. All the tools are very useful and works well for my day and how I’m feeling.


this app has made me calm in so many situations and helped me understand so many things. 10/10 recommend!!

Peace of Mind

very soothing and peaceful app


This is the perfect app if you are feeling sad or if you have had a bad day and you need to take some stress off.😏

Works as well as they say

I feel much more at ease and relaxed after using aura



Thank you

Love i, now I can sleep

The potential of the mind

We’re capable of more than we know. We can love and we deserve love. Our mind can shape our perspective and transform our environment. Thankful for everything and I truly am blessed. Good night.

aura app review

this app has helped me get the sleep i needed and helped me in my feeling and stress sadness and anger i recommend this app for literally everyone




Helps me focus back to this moment

Sweet App

I love this app. It’s great, without over complicating it. I feel great each time I use it.

Take the time, its worth it.

Just what small time Ive had this app its a wonderful way to create positive thinking and to change your perception of the world around you.

Relaxing and soothing

I enjoy this each day thanks

Very Relaxing

This app helps me to relax and practice my mindfulness.

Who would have thought?

I’ve had along term illness and recently it has been more difficult. Got an Apple Watch for a variety of safety reasons and have used the breathing app and found it useful. All this led me to look at meditation apps. I found Aura and I’m really finding it helpful. Do I meditate well? No, not yet. Does it help with mood and attitude. It does even if it’s just in my mind. Nice app. Like being able to level up. No matter how you look at it, feeling better is feeling better.


Love it


Great App


Great reminder to slow down & be intentional

Love love love

I love this app. If your feeling really stressed out please i repeat please download this app


It helps even tho I wasn’t not optimistic !

Nice relaxation

Good app for relaxation.


Great app!

Morning ritual

Aura meditations help get my day off to a good start. Grateful 🙏🏼for the varied meditations available 👍🏼

Amazing app

It’s has the best meditation and they also help me fall asleep really fast!


Enjoying my new daily few minutes of serenity

Getting to a peaceful place

My life is very hectic during the work week and Aura has helped me focus on what’s important. And the dreadful, lonely place I found myself in at the end on each day is slowly going away.

Very nice

Very relaxing!

Great app

This app is great! I felt so relaxed after my first meditation session, keep up the good work!!😃

Nice way to start my day

I am by habit a shallow breather. Thank you for this free app. I do wish the pop ups were less frequent.

So peaceful and relaxing

Guided meditation fit to your current mood. If I use it often enough, I’d definitely be interested in paying/unlocking even more

Amazing App

Makes me think deeply in my thoughts and makes me realize there is more to life then just my own little world

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