Aura: Mindfulness & Meditation App Reviews

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It really helps you sleeps better and feel more relaxed throughout the day

it really helps

this helps a lot

i love this app

so relaxing and helpful.

Love this

This does help me de-stress. I wish I have more time to use it but it helps every time I am feeling overwhelmed.


great app

So glad I found this!

Thanks Aura!

Definitely works

Using Aura for 2 days and I can feel the difference within myself already, thank you Aura.


I don’t like that u have to pay


Seriously helps so much. Very peaceful, short or longer periods of meditation are available. Love it .



First time meditator

It is very soothing. Brings my mind peace.

Great app!

Great relaxing app for guiding mindfulness.

Aura aura

Love this app! Just wish the meditations were longer without paying for it. Maybe 5 minutes instead of 3


This is a great quick relaxation you can easily fit in a busy day


It’s helped me so much and I’ve only had it three days


Really helpful! Great for the end of night reflection!

Love itttt

So great and relaxing

Truly peaceful I highly recommend!

The short and simple meditations are very encouraging and perfect. I usually feel too busy to take time for 20 or 40 min yoga or meditation so it helps me to take a few seconds for myself. The speakers are very calming & hopeful as well.

Amazing App

I’m a college student and extremely high strung. Sometimes I just need time to relax and breath, and Aura is amazing with that. I always feel rejuvenated and relaxed after using the app. It makes me really focus on myself for a change and not everything that needs to get done. Highly recommended for any busy people that need a 3 min recharge during the day!


It calms me down

One word: Obsession

Aura isn't just an app for gurus, and it's not just an app for adults. I'm 16, and these meditations have really helped me this past week. I'm glad that I found Aura. And if you're reading this, that means you have found a really great thing. Its new to me, even as a concept to meditate to a voice, but it is a wonderful thing to have access to. And the reminders to breathe are helpful as well :)

Aura is great!

Good content, and I love the breathing app!


This app is very helpful to people who are veg anxious. It reminds you that you are ok and that in the end it’s all about breath

Good app

Nice way to start the day


I have been using this app and it really does help me relax and unwind. And other times it helps me regain focus and strength.



This app is very beneficial in stress relief

I have very bad anxiety at night that keeps me from sleeping and causes my breathing to change rhythm, this is app is very helpful in assisting the listener to focus more on their heart, breathing control, and just being comfortable rather than all of the many everyday challenges and the challenges in the future as well. I highly recommend this app if you are a student.


I feel like im in a whole new world. I love the peaceful musics and the sounds of the oceans. I love everything about it.

I love it!

Really helps me become calm


Great app love the exercises used to calm down and help prepare for bed!

Amazing but..

This app is amazing and very helpful, however i just wish it was free

Love this App!!

Its only takes a few minutes from your time! Great app!!!

I really love it.

I was a little doubtful because I already use Headspace and Calm, but this is a pretty combo of the two.


Aura is fantastic!!


Great app for relaxing and meditating


It’s simple, and very effective. Something I’ve been waiting for, for a long time.

Easy to take 3 minutes

Everyone should try to relax at least 3 minutes a day.

I love it

I love how peaceful it is and calming it makes you

It’s calming

It’s nice to relax before you go to sleep I also think it’s a good price

Just want I need

Simple to use without subscription entanglement.

Life changer.

Absolutely love it


I give it a four only because the premium price is insane in my opinion but besides that it’s cool


The app helps me so much and it’s also very relaxing


helps a lot with stress


If you want to try meditation this is the app. Free version has awesome interface, lots of options, and doesn't bug you to try the premium. Try doing just 3 minutes a day. If you can swing that for a few months then ramp up from there.


Very comprehensive and versatile meditation app!! I use it while at work to focus and de-stress works great !


I went from having a mental brake down every few minute to have a mental brake down every few months

A great way to relax

A fantastic yet brief 3 minute reminder to center yourself and relax your mind.

DBT at its most efficient!

This is a tool for anyone that uses dialectic behavioral therapy to get through their day and there are hundreds if not thousands of coaches and meditations available in an instant. It will save you from yourself!

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