Aura: Mindfulness & Meditation App Reviews

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It helps me during my up / down moods and anxiety


Perfect awakening

In tune with the vortex 🧘🏼‍♀️

This app is AMAZING,It’s a great resource to have on such an item that is useless to the world I would rate this app 10 stars if they had it🤙🏽

Too much data collection and sharing.....

.....non-specifics with regard to whom you will share that data, plus the the golden opportunity to submit my cash along with it. Not what I want nagging at my Aura. Data collection and sharing is getting old and tolerance is getting weak - look toward the future and be prepared to roll with the changes. Or even better still, become a pioneer and perhaps donate a portion of your customers’ fees toward campaigning for greater privacy protection. Until then, thanks but no thanks.


I love this app it really helps your mind


Well produced and meaningful

Yes yes yes

Helps with my anxiety and depression. Really considering paying for the pro so I can use it 2-4 times a day!!

Relaxes me so much.

Very good

Great app

I love the stories and meditation. There are also groups and other items that you even get with the free version. Very helpful app to remember to relax!

Love it

Meditation is quite good for the mind👍👍👍👍👍

Aura is a delightful way to love myself

It’s a habit I choose daily!

Love Aura!

Aura is amazing for if you have anxiety, or if you’re just feeling worried, tired, or even bored. I love using it when I feel like I need to be woken up or if I’m anxious. The only downside to Aura is if you want to use it free, you can only do one session a day. Other than that I enjoy using Aura as a motivation daily.

For free it works

For free it works well. Limits you to the amount of content per day you can use but that’s ok if you are starting out because you can easy into a meditation practice. If you get more into meditation then you can pay the month fee. Pocket yogi never leave him without it


excellent exercises.

Great app!!!!

Great app. Makes a difference taking a few moments with free meditation daily :)


this is an amazing app and i use it daily. i didn't think that i would use it much but it has become a part in my daily routine and it has helped me be able to practice meditation as well as helping me to sleep better. 10/10 would recommend using especially for anyone with a busy schedule

Love the app!!

I have bad anxiety, and use the app before bed every night. It totally calms me down and helps me sleep better. Love the choices of the mood you are in, because when I’m sad it does make it somewhat better that anything else really could. Super recommend the app for anyone with anxiety! Super relaxing!

Instant Love for this app❤️

This app is honestly the only thing that got me through exams without having to drink 6 coffees a day.


Relaxing. Could be a little longer than 3 minutes per meditation, options of length would be nice. Helps me to drift off and think of the positive before going to bed.

Love it!

Day 9 streak of meditation and I’m in love with this app 😃yay!

Open to changing to 5 later

Only a couple of days experience so far. There’s a lot this does right, but it’s a crowded market. Calm and Headspace were my first two tries. Honestly the former has many things I like, such as calming music playing in the background of each session. The latter has a great presentation and I love the exploratory animations, but I’m not sure I ALWAYS want to hear that British guy walking me through a session, again with no background music. What I like about Aura so far: I am a sucker for gamification, so having me gain XP toward higher mindfulness levels resonates. I like how it is broken up into meditations, life coaching and sounds/music for different effects. I wish it had the guided runs and exercise application that headspace offers. Aura also doesn’t let you view (at least that I found) your past sessions unless you “like” them. Seems a no brainer to have an account level log of past sessions. In the end, I don’t want to subscribe to multiple mindfulness apps, so it will be interesting to see the way this shakes out. Maybe a new challenger jumps in. The competition in this field can only be good for the end user, regardless which you pick. With my limited time in the app, it’s possible that so far Aura is the closest to a one-stop-shop, but definite room for improvement.


Aura has helped remember to breathe... to relax, to reflect and to just be.


I love the reminder feature.


This app is truly wonderful!


Helps me relax after a stressful day of work and school. The meditations are short and sweet, right to the point.





Very relaxing

Very relaxing and fun to use

I’m Good

Honestly I feel good 🙃

User friendly!

With all the available choices there is always a peaceful place to go.

Better than a live Mindfulness coach

Top marks for a most reliable Mindfulness app. I’ve gone to “doctors” who are great practitioners and learned Mindfulness teachers but this app always has a time slot open for me, doesn’t take vacations, and doesn’t get sick. I also enjoy the voices and level-up encouragement. Learning a counting method for deep breathing will augment this apps effectiveness, you’ll enjoy and benefit even more. 👍👍

It’s awesome

This app has really helped my sleep schedule and I really find myself with less anxiety now


I’ve had this app for about a week and it has changed my life. I usually am a very optimistic person, but this app has helped me tone to my insecurities and find ways to make my life even better.

Very relaxing

I just feel happy after I meditate and it takes only three minutes!

It’s great

I absolutely love it the only thing is that you can only use it once a day. I wish that you could use it at least twice once in the morning to calm yourself and get ready for the day, and once at night to go to sleep with good thoughts

A wonderful and very helpful app

This app is really helping me manage my stress and anxiety.

Verey useful😊

I think this is a really good app to have because you don’t just have to use it when your flustered you can use it when you’re feeling just fine and it helps personalize that for you and it also gives strategies as well if you get anxious or stressed often



Aura I love it

Great app to relax and meditate

Amazing app!

This app I’ve only had for a couple of days but it’s really amazing I haven’t paid for a subscription of it because it’s too expensive but I do wait until my free session.


Love it

Sara lit

Love aura

Best app I’ve ever downloaded

This is seriously a great free app with a wonderful community of supporters. Download it today; it will positively impact your world.

Very good app

This app is really helping me to relax some and learn mindfulness.




Really helped with my depression


Great! Very helpful. I felt so relieved after my first meditation.

Very good. So inspiring!

This app is amazing and so helpful and inspiring. It helps me so much throughout my day. The only problem is that unless you upgrade the app you only get one thing to do every 9 or so hours. You also can’t listen to the soundtracks, meditations, or life coaching offline. But otherwise, it is an amazing app! I totally recommend it!

You can do 3 minutes!

I really appreciate the 3 minute options as a way to get into mediation. I tried another app but found I couldn’t always find time for the 10 minutes. I also like how it’s not constantly trying to sell you on purchasing a subscription.

Great app and customer service.

I have been using this app for mindfulness and it is great. I purchased then lifetime subscription from a third party and ran into some issues. However, the customer service was excellent in resolving the technical problem. I highly recommend it.

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