Aura: Mindfulness & Meditation App Reviews

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So far I am really enjoying Aura. It’s nice to be able to pause for just a moment (3 mins) when needed just to be able to take that deep breath & recenter. I enjoy the prompts too, but scheduling could use some updates.

Love it

I can sleep now I don’t cry myself to sleep anymore I can lay done after a terrible day at school and just listen


Great For meditation exercise I felt so good afterwards. Thanks I’m glad I found this app

I am enough

Good app It has helped me a lot

Great app

Great app!

Short meditations

Good, low - commitment mental tune ups, not too much pressure to do them.

Just started 3 days ago.

Need to give it some time before I can actually give a better review.

First session at work

I felt some stress during my lunch break and downloaded the app, I was alone in the break room and did a 3 min meditation. I took deep breaths and at the end felt less weight on my shoulders. Now back to work!


I am so thankful for Aura- the free option gives you 1 three minute meditation a day, plus you can journal and connect with the community. I am trialing the Premium for the next 2 weeks- looking forward to it. I earned it by referring a friend :)


I’m grateful to have this morning reminder🙏🏼

No regrets

You won’t regret it. It’s amazing


Enjoying Aura very much so far

Nice app

Good app. Teaching me to focus.

Awesome relaxing

This really helped get all my stress out and make me feel comfortable and safe


I love this app. It is very helpful


This app really calms me down when I’m trying to sleep or relax. The voices themselves are quite calm and make me wish I could hear more then one at a time! I need to but the deal for that!💗

V good even without the premium

i don't like how you can do one session because you have to pay to get more, but other than that it is really good i do my one session before i go to bed and its really soothing and peaceful!!

Awesome I love this app it calms me down loveeeee❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜

This app is awesome !! When I’m madd sad or stressed I use aura and it helps

I want a free month premium or I'll use the other app I just downloaded for free:)

I want a free month premium or I'll use the other app I just downloaded for free:)


👏👍 perfectly simply !!

Really cool app

I don’t always like the meditations but I benefit from just taking a minute for myself so I really love this app! I wish it was completely free but you still get a plethora of different meditations so can’t complain too much! Overall, really livening this app and would recommend!!!

An oasis of peace

Aura provides the perfect reflections and meditations that help me enjoy my life more fully and gracefully.


I really love this app

Best app

The best app to relax!🙌🏻


Good helps me calm down

Mindfulness in a pinch

Great app to set aside a few minutes to center yourself. If only we could all slow down just a bit, the world would be a healthier place.


It has helped me with stresses an it’s really cool

Great app for mindfulness and relaxation

The reminders for mindfulness and relaxation are well needed and allow me to take 3 minutes from my day to refocus and relax. Everyone has 3 minutes and in the midst of a busy stressful day or even when you are feeling great, I have really found the app useful.

Finding a way to relax!

For me finding times and ways to relax was difficult and Aura has made it easier and manageable. I love the easy way they guide you. It’s such an easy app to use as well


Doing just a quick meditation in the morning changes my whole day!


This calms me down so much of the school pressure that I face with me hunting I’m not smart at all to I can do this.


I have noticed I am getting a lot better sleep and feeling better and more productive ever since I started using Aura!! I absolutely love and would definitely recommend it.

Great app

Listen to it in mornings, it will help you to have a great day

Love this app 💖

It has helped a lot especially when I am feeling anxious or can’t sleep.


Love the app

Love Aura

I love the short 3 mins meditation. Short, but effective and doesn’t require too much time. Perfect for morning schedule.

Anxiety bipolar Mama of 5

These few minutes to yourself with Aura are amazing, you go in with heavy thoughts n feelings and come out light and ready for the day.


Great App if you want to become relaxed, stress-free and feeling good all over. Also it’s a great way to keep up with your stability! I highly recommend this App for everyone! Carl.

Oh Aura

I’m loving this app! It keeps me focused and intent on my mindful minutes. The recommendations are spot on!




Nice reminder to check in, recenter, and recharge.


This app is great. I live in a Buddhist temple and a friend told me to try it. The guided meditation is very relaxing and a great way to learn. I wish I had this app a while ago. Also great for people experienced in meditation. Guided is very different than silent. They both have their advantages. All in all, great app!



Helps in your daily goals

Something that I really needed to do was meditate this does just that!

Daily moment

I look forward to using this everyday, the guided meditations are perfect

Great app

Awesome app teaches you how to relax and live in the moment.


Helps the stress and lazy days

Life changing!

This is quite an amazing app, the only thing I would say is that the free version only has one session for every 24 hours but other than that it’s incredible. Would definitely recommend!!


The app has the perfect set up of one or two messages a day reminding you to do it. And you can set times that you know you want to or will be ready. It’s perfect.

New Practice

This app has been a great aid to get me better established in meditation. I began using it when I had a time of anxiety. Glad to be past that! And happy to continue with these meditations.

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